Unizen and Meson API: A Two-Way Partnership Revolutionizing DeFi Access

  • Announcing the Unizen and Meson Partnership in DeFi

DUBAI, UAE, Nov 23, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Unizen is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Meson, a prominent player in cross-chain stablecoin swaps. This partnership marks an important development in the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) sectors. It focuses on improving user experience and interoperability within the DeFi ecosystem. Our enthusiasm is based on the potential this partnership has to improve and expand DeFi operations.

Details of the Unizen and Meson Collaboration

This partnership unites Unizen’s expertise in DEX aggregation and trading efficiency with Meson’s proficiency in cross-chain stablecoin swaps. Specifically, Meson will integrate Unizen’s API into its platform, while Unizen will incorporate Meson’s API into its system. This two-way integration is strategically planned to capitalize on the strengths of both companies. The collaboration aims to enhance the overall DeFi experience for users by increasing accessibility and improving the quality of services within the DeFi ecosystem.

About Meson

Meson, at the forefront of facilitating efficient stablecoin transactions across various blockchains, is now poised to enhance its service offerings significantly. Integrating Unizen’s advanced trade engine, Meson will offer its users an enriched trading experience, leveraging Unizen’s cutting-edge DeFi solutions. For more information about Meson, please visit https://meson.fi.

The integration of Meson’s API with Unizen offers distinct benefits in the DeFi sector:

  1. Fast Transactions: Meson achieves 99% completion of cross-chain stablecoin swaps in just 2 minutes, providing exceptional speed for asset transfers.
  2. Universal Bridging: The API facilitates the transfer of various stablecoins across over 20 blockchains, increasing operational flexibility and asset management versatility.
  3. Robust Security: Meson’s fully decentralized system is rigorously audited by Trail of Bits, ensuring high security for user transactions.
  4. Low Fees: Meson offers some of the lowest fees for cross-chain swaps, enhancing cost efficiency for frequent transactions.

Overall, Meson’s API is tailored for fast, secure, and economical cross-chain stablecoin transfers, simplifying DeFi navigation for users.

Empowering Meson Users with Unizen’s Trade Engine

The integration of Unizen’s powerful API into Meson’s platform is a monumental step in the evolution of DeFi. It equips Meson users with the ability to access the full capabilities of Unizen’s trade engine, bringing a new level of efficiency and functionality to their platform. This partnership signifies a mutual enhancement of technologies, providing users seamless access to the DeFi markets.

Unizen’s Comprehensive API Toolkit:

  • Unizen Interoperability Protocol (UIP): UIP enables seamless access to assets on all supported blockchains without requiring any manual intervention from the user.
  • Unizen Liquidity Distribution Mechanism (ULDM): ULDM allows users to trade digital assets across multiple blockchains and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), mitigating the complexities associated with different protocols and platforms.
  • Omni Chain Explorer (Unizen Explore): Unizen Explore, an omni-chain enabled block explorer, offers users easy access to on-chain data across multiple blockchains within the Unizen ecosystem.
  • API Integrator Dashboard: A newly developed API integrator portal that allows our enterprise partners to track key performance metrics with granular precision. This portal provides API integrators access to extremely granular analytics and performance metrics, enabling them to employ strategy with more focus and effectively measure the impact of their integrations.

Outperforming Competitors: The Unizen Advantage

The Unizen Trade Engine consistently surpasses the performance of other leading DEX aggregation solutions. Read our ULDM Performance Study, involving 37 random single-chain trades valued at $10k each, Unizen Trade delivered approximately $238,073 more in total value compared to its top industry leading competitors. 

Industry-First Reseller Packaging

In addition to the the cross-integration of APIs from both companies, the strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both, as Meson becomes the first major enterprise to resell the unizen web3 API. This innovative model, a first in the DeFi industry, broadens the scope of services available to API integrators and sets a new standard in digital finance service provision.

Ongoing and Future API Integration 

The continued integration of Meson and Unizen’s APIs is a key aspect of this long-term partnership, aiming to improve blockchain interoperability and expand DeFi accessibility. Future integrations will further incorporate Unizen’s API into Meson’s platform, enhancing user experience.

Implications for the Unizen Community

Volume and User Base Expansion: The integration with Meson is expected to considerably boost the trade volume within Unizen’s trade engine. As Meson’s users engage with our enhanced trading services, we anticipate a reciprocal increase in Unizen’s user base and community engagement. This symbiotic growth will not only elevate the vibrancy of both platforms but also solidify their positions in the competitive DeFi market.

Token Burn Mechanism: Integrating with Meson is likely to strengthen Unizen’s token burn mechanism, a vital component of our hyper-deflationary tokenomics. The expected surge in trade volume should amplify the $ZCX token burn rates, offering tangible benefits to the Unizen community and token holders. This partnership demonstrates the practical utility of Unizen’s API, expanding its reach to Meson’s substantial user base and highlighting the resilience of Unizen’s tokenomics in diverse market conditions.

Elevated Market Presence: The collaboration enhances Unizen’s market presence and drives technological innovation. The synergy created by shared expertise fosters an environment conducive to addressing DeFi challenges, enhancing community resources, and encouraging collaborative growth. This partnership positions both Unizen and Meson for potential future partnerships and increased user engagement.

Looking Forward

Unizen is excited to support the DeFi community through this partnership with Meson, underscoring our commitment to innovation and collaboration. We look forward to the enhanced capabilities and market reach that this collaboration will bring.


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